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Chika Tanikawa

Chika Tanikawa

Born in Toyama, Japan in 1986.  After graduating Kobe University's Faculty of Human Development, she gained experience at a design college, and started her career as a freelance artist and illustrator.  Through portraits of girls, she reconfigures images (such as her own memories) with collages to make the most of her expressive skill to draw a fleeting and hazy world between dreams and reality.  In addition to exhibitions (held throughout Japan, with many in Osaka, and in several other countries), she also drew the  cover art for the book “There's scary things in every house” by Shinji Mitsuda (published by Chuokoron-Shinsya) and released a collection of her own works in “Yume ni Samayou (wander through dreams)” (published by ondo label).


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