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Kana Ohtsuki

Kana Ohtsuki

Kana Ohtsuki, born in 1984, is an artist based in Kyoto.  She started her career in 2007.  In her mostly acrylic paintings, she uses motif of girls to interpret modern society and the lives of those who live in it.  Her works draw strength and beauty from their thematic questioning of “living” such as the hope that humans will keep having the will to grow and that human life cannot be contained by life and death.  In addition to her regular participation in several domestic and international exhibitions, she is also able to hold almost yearly solo exhibitions.  Also, she is gaining experiences as an illustrator, creating cover art for books and CDs. http://ohtsuki.rillfu.com/


生於1984年。現居住在東京。從2007年開始展露頭角。以少女作為主題,透過利用壓克力顏料來表現現代社會的種種樣貌以及探討生活在那裡的人們的生命本質。人類因懷抱希望而成長,創作時「生きる」(活著)是我想表達的核心價值,讓孚作品更能展現 生氣勃勃 的力與美。積極參與國內外展覽會,在國內每年都會舉行個展。另外,以插圖畫家的身分也活躍於書籍,CD等的封面設計http://ohtsuki.rillfu.com/ 



Kana Ohtsuki, Personal Exhibition “PUPA”
`Pupa` is a chrysalis, but also means ‘a young girl’ in Latin.
I look at the picture of present-day Japan as very ‘pupa-like’.
To describe this positively, what I mean is that this place we live in is not yet complete, and still has potentials for more growth. 
However, as opposed to that brighter view, there is also a very delicate side to it; there is a struggle for not being able to be fully grown, like a ‘death’ of a caterpillar inside pupa so that it can ‘live’ as a butterfly. It is as if to reside in between life and death. 
This sentiment resembles my own delicacy from girlhood in many ways. Interpreting present Japan as one pupa and portraying it in drawings of young girls have been one way to release my own scars from my girlhood.
Motifs in the artworks are simple; they are girls in school uniforms. Uniforms depict the society. 
I pray that the look of those girls will be a relief for all of you, who keep moving toward hope.






 _「Cherry Blossoms」 2016, 455×333mm, Kent paper / acrylic 


【The artist is at the gallery】







‘Drawing Performance’ 「開幕茶會&Live Drawing Event」 

Kana Ohtsuki will be drawing live on site. Visitors have free access to watch her perform live. Products will be exhibited as completed and may be purchased.

Free entry.



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