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Kosuke Ajiro

Kosuke Ajiro

Ajiro was born in Tokyo in 1980, and is a painter and graphic designer based in Tokyo.  He started his career as an artist in 2010. Viewers of his works are endeared to the treasured characters consist of people, animals and imaginary creatures drawn from his own dreams and imagination.  In addition to supplying artworks for various media (such as books and promotional visuals for a stage production), he released two entirely self-produced animated shorts “medusa” and “door” in 2015.  The highly lauded shorts opened a new door to the “Ajiro world”.



 We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a personal exhibition by Kosuke Ajiro, an outstanding artist who expresses his imaginative stories and actual dreams through two/three dimensions, animations and various other measures. 
Titled “A Town You Don`t Know”, the exhibition develops both video and flat-surface works, set in this fantasy town.
The exhibition in Taiwan evoked substantial amount of responses, after Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
His video works “medusa” and “door” will be shown on site. More flat-surface works are also scheduled to be added. Please give yourselves a chance to visit.



The artist is at the gallery

7.20(wed) - 7.24(sun)



“Portraits of Previous Lives, by Kosuke Ajiro”



Kosuke Ajiro draws your portraits from previous lives using his imagination.

-860 yuan per person
-No reservation is needed. First-come, first-served.



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