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Born in Himeji-shi, Hyogo, Japan in 1967.  Based in Kobe.  Graduated from Kobe University, School of Business Administration.  After working at a multinational manufacturer, she taught herself dyeing and sewing, and started her career as an embroidery artist and illustrator. As an artist, she specializes in free motion machine embroidery and coloring with fabric paints.  Since her exhibition “Time Travel” at gallery ondo tosabori in 2014, she started a new expression combining antique fabrics with old fabrics, and a new series of works with hand embroidery.  Her fabric art gives off a warmth that can only be felt from hand-made works.  Her work ranges from advertisement for major companies to cover art for books and magazines, and even collaborative works with a household goods manufacturer. http://www.e-micao.com/


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